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Spontaneous Resouces

This page is courtesy of Cathy Parker, Redwood Region Co­Director and CA State Spont Capt.


There are many great websites out there with LOTS of practice Spontaneous problems. 

A list of those sites is shown at the bottom of this page.


Super-de-Duper Spont Site!


Earning the #1 spot on this resource page is an AMAZING Spont resource from North 

Carolina Odyssey’s Eastern Region that not only goes over the main types of spont 

problems and provides many practice problems....This site actually has videos of 

teams solving spont problems!


These videos are brand new in the summer of 2015, and are very informative for 

coaches, teams, and even judges who want to see how a Spont problem is actually run 

and solved by a team.


To check out this terrific wiki, go to: NCOE Spontaneous


List of Very Good Spont Online Resources

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